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About us.

Tribe 3 Productions is a Chicago-based independent entertainment media company committed to keeping you informed on all things Illinois by shedding light on our state's most significant happenings with our exclusive coverage of local sports, events, celebrations, and more.


We have passionately filmed and shared footage and interviews since April 2015, and after three years of growing our business and our team, we became an official production company in 2018. 


Combined with our promise to uphold Illinois' values by exemplifying professionalism in all situations, our drive to achieve excellence within our field has allowed us to build a reputation for ourselves in our community as a trustworthy local business dedicated to providing high-quality work. 


In addition to our unmatched photography and videography services, what sets Tribe 3 Productions apart from other media companies is our love for our community and our desire to spread positivity and awareness everywhere we go.


We hope to inspire locals and visitors to explore and take advantage of Illinois' incredible offerings by providing up-to-date coverage of different events, businesses, and performances!

Our Clients.

Tribe 3 Productions has performed interviews with athletes, covered events from Chicago to the 'burbs, and created promotional content for small and big businesses.

We're proud to work with several well-known clients in the business and sports industries throughout the local area.

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