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Our Services. 

Tribe 3 Productions offers photography and videography services to help capture what's going on today.

We aim to help small businesses stand out and give Chicago's local talent their moment to shine. By offering our services to events, businesses, and artists, we hope to use our interviews and social media platform to spread awareness of all the fantastic people and places there are to check out!


That's not all we offer; We also provide our services for family events, private parties, weddings, baptisms, and much more so that you may hold onto your favorite moments for a lifetime.

Bookshelf Broadcast


Tribe 3’s Videography services will transport you back to your favorite moments.


By shooting in 1080p and 4K, our experienced team will help capture the joy of your wedding day, the speeches given at your business events, the applause of the crowd at your show, and so much more with crystal clear visuals and audio.


With slow motion, fast action, and documentary-style filming options available, we will work with you to deliver one-of-a-kind results no matter the project.


Whether you're seeking candid shots, a safe environment to explore boudoir photography, or require a professional photographer to capture your wedding day or business event, Tribe 3 Productions delivers exceptional results and sessions tailored to your and your unique needs.


From private moments to event coverage, our experienced photographers will work with you to capture your most important moments and milestones!

Reflex camera

Media Coverage

Everyone deserves their moment in the spotlight.

With Tribe 3’s social media channel coverage, professional videography, and interview services, our team will assist you in building buzz and spreading the word about your business, upcoming events, and local happenings.

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