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"The Power of Intention: Mastering the Art of Channeling"

Have you ever found yourself in a cycle of 'psychic hoping '? This is when you seek out a psychic medium to find guidance in your life, only to find that the answers you're looking for are not always forthcoming. This can lead to a pattern of searching for one psychic after another, all in the quest for the answers you desire.


Don’t think I am trying to steer you away from an amazing psychic reading. I myself am a psychic medium. And I find that the best reading doesn’t tell you your future or what to do. Rather, a great reading is one that will see where you have been and what is currently happening and then inform you of different paths they see, giving information to help the client make the best decision they can with all the information they have, including what the psychic has provided that may have been hidden from them.


I know what you think: “Any person can do that,” and you would be correct. The difference between myself and any person is I have years of practice and have fine-tuned my abilities to give a clear message of what I have seen or heard. I also like to give my clients a bit more than they have asked for, which is the knowledge of how they can do this themselves.


Everyone is psychic, not a term I necessarily care for due to centuries of stereotypes. However, we are all born with these abilities. Think of them as an inner guidance system helping you to navigate life. I’m sure you are wondering why we all don’t use these abilities if we have them. My answer is you do. They are your gut hunches, the inner knowing something without having a way to know it, having those feelings that something bad will happen. I'm sure you can relate to these things more than once.


So, the next question is, why don’t we use them all the time? We are not taught to. These are senses we have been told are not real. Falsities of the mind, the stories you made up as a child. As we age, we let go of our senses, believing what we have been told, and we only hold on to the hard facts we can see with our eyes.


So, let's show you how to tap into your abilities and give you the tangible experience you need. Let's talk about automatic writing or channeling.


What is this? Channeling is a beautiful form of using your abilities to connect with someone unseen or to your own soul. Someone unseen can be loved ones who have passed, animals, guides, angels, or figures of history. You can even connect with another soul that is still alive. Think how we could assist those in medical comas or Alzheimers if medical personnel were trained to do this.






I once had a person I knew who was placed in a medically induced coma. You can imagine how hard it is for the family to experience this, not knowing the outcome and then being unable to speak with the person to see their wishes. Always wondering what step to take next.


I was surprised when the man in the coma came to me and wanted me to relay messages to his family. He would come every day, giving me details of what was going on with his body and what he needed next. The doctors weren’t privileged to this knowledge; the family didn’t want to look crazy in the eyes of the medical team but were always in shock when the information given to them was accurate and, in the end, was what was needed to help him recover. He also provided information about the conversations around him and expressed his love for them, which was much more needed than medical advice.


So, how do you do this yourself? Having a psychic in the family would be nice, but do we always want our family to know everything we have going on? Grab a notebook and pen, then find a quiet place to sit.


Find a quiet place with the items in your hands, sit back comfortably, and close your eyes. Think about the question you have. Keep it to one question at a time. I know we have so much going on in our minds and a million questions. Trust that who you are connecting with will answer more than you are asking. Keep it simple.


Next, take a few deep, long breaths, relaxing as you do this. Bring your attention from your mind to your heart center. You are getting out of your head and out of your way as you do this. Once your heart center begins to feel full, it is time to begin writing.


Write what ever comes out. You won't have any clear thoughts. It is as if someone is providing the information, and you are simply dictating it. This may feel strange the first few times you do this, but trust the process. Once you begin, you may find you only write a few words or sentences, or you may write pages. It all depends on how much is needed to give you the necessary answer.


During your writing session, you may stop writing yet feel there is more to come. For a moment, close your eyes and breathe again. Then begin. Once the session is over, you will feel the energy leave you, or it may just abruptly stop.


Once you have finished it is time to read what you wrote. It is important to read it out loud. I can hear you asking yourself, what's the difference out loud or quietly? It’s how you heard it that matters. So often, when we read to ourselves, we don’t hear the full message because we hear it in our own voices. When you read it aloud, you begin to hear the words and notice you do not write in that fashion or would have never written something of that nature.




Initially, you may question if you are making it all up. Know you are not. Nor are you crazy. This is another reason to read it out loud. You will notice what you have written does not sound like anything you could have written. Or had the knowledge of what came through.


Many ask if they can use a computer vs pen and paper. The answer is yes, you can. You can also voice record if that is easier for you. I will say for myself: when I use a computer, I am used to making errors on the keyboard and immediately want to correct them. This tends to pull me out of the moment, and I must begin breathing again before I can continue.


That said, don’t worry about spelling or punctuation errors. You can always fix those later if they are needed. Remember, when someone else is coming through, they will speak in a different manner.


With time and practice, channeling will become second nature. You will use it whenever you need advice from someone other than your immediate friends and family.


You don’t need a psychic qualification to channel; you need yourself and an open mind.













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