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"Embracing the Uncomfortable: How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone with Confidence"

                                                         Fear VS Love



I know my whole life has always revolved around fear. And I will tell you what: it still revolves around fear. The difference now is that I ask myself what makes me fearful when fear enters.


Let's backtrack to someone who doesn't necessarily understand that their life revolves around fear or what's going on to be fearful of things. They state, “I'm afraid of snakes” and “I'm scared of sharks.” Or “I'm terrified of thunderstorms.” You know, those types of fears.

That's where we tend to go when we think about fear.

But what about the fears of life changes – “I want a new job, but…” “I want a new home, but…” Fear is a hesitation.  Hesitation, a lot of times, can go back to fear. It doesn't mean you're afraid of the new job. No, it's a hesitation and an uncomfortable feeling that, when you break it down, goes down to that word of fear of going into an uncomfortable zone, doing something new.


“Will I screw this up?” “How am I going to manage everything else being added to my list of things I must do?”  We need to ask instead, “What is stopping my energy from doing?” or “How do I get over that blockage?”


We are often told to get to the root cause of our fear. This is a great thing to do, but who has years to uncover through the processes we have known for years to get to the root of it? I understand I don’t. At best, I have 15 minutes to figure it out and move on.


Here is what I do first: I send the situation love. No matter what it is, I'm going to send it love. This helps shed light on what I am afraid of. It brings me to the direct link. Then, I let whatever this is roll out how it should. Because sometimes fear can be healthy. It is our inner guidance saying something doesn’t feel right. I can Assess and then recommit it to what I felt fearful of initially.


So why use love to get through this? Because love expands things and dispels what is not needed.


Let’s look deeper into this with an example. You want a new home, but what you want doesn’t seem to exist, so you’ll have to build it. There are a lot of steps involved in creating a home. First, you must go to the bank to get a loan and how much of a loan you can get; then, you must go out and find a contractor, drop a plan, and know everything you want. It would be best to have the lad place out along with the healthy and septic street address. As much as this is all something you like, there will be a lot of fear and hesitation. Am I doing the right thing? Is this too hard or too complicated for me to be able to do? What do you do at this point? You start to look at the final result. What is this house going to be when you’re done? How’s it going look? How are you going to feel about it? Those seem straightforward questions, but there will be a sense of love with all of them. Love will help expand the feelings of fear and hesitation and move them into a feeling of acceptance and readiness for the tasks.


When I put love in the place where fear was, I could harness the expansion of feeling and go, you know what, I could push through this. Does that make sense?  Think of fear as a metal gate in front of you, something you can't get through. You can't get through a metal gate, can you? You cannot. But if I expand the metal, if I push heat into that and expand it, because if you've ever watched anything in slow motion of expanding metal, you would see when they push heat into it, and it expands. And then you can manipulate it, and you can move it out of your way. You can push through it. And that's what adding love to something is. It's going to expand a feeling. It's going to expand something. It's going to open you up. And it's so amazing because love will help you reveal why you were afraid.


When you expand love and push it out, you suddenly transcend fear, and it becomes something you can use to your advantage because you’ve changed it. You’ve added something to it. And now you can harness that and bring it back into your being.



Because of that love, everything that's gone out and it's come back to me now it's begun to heal my fear. It's done. Anytime you've had to do something where you have gone, oh my gosh, what the heck is this? And you've pushed through it. You'll find that it doesn't take long for that fear to dissipate because fear is fragile.


Now that we have talked about fear and love – what is next? This is the cool part.


I tested this theory only a short time ago because I wanted to see what would happen if I had this group of 30-plus people bring love in, bring it up through their bodies, and send it out. What would happen? I wanted to see if that love would be felt and then come back to us. I ran a prayer with that intention, and then I sat back and watched what happened that day. This was at an event, one of which I’ve been to before. One that hadn’t been very successful in the past. As that day went on, I watched more and more people show up, and more than 400 people showed up that I had not intended to come to this event on this given day. I was an ah, knowing that sending love to a community helped bring those members back to us.


I also practice this before walking into situations in which I fear or hesitate. Before I enter, I consciously send love. I think, “I'm going to send him love. I'm going to send the situation love. I'm going to allow the love to disband whatever happens.” And when I do that, whatever is going to occur changes. I can feel the energy of it transform into a kinder one that is easier to deal with.


People don't realize how strong that one four-letter word is. We throw it at everything these days. We throw love on t-shirts. We throw love on valentines. We have a whole day, a holiday for love. We have marketed that word, but we have yet to use that word or the feeling necessarily always appropriately.

How many of you have seen a shirt that says “love” and went to your heart center and reminded yourself to send it out as a wave? If we all did that, holy cow, what would happen? Because love does heal. Love heals people. It heals situations. It heals the earth.


When you feel fear, frustration, or heavier feelings, I want you to sit and say, can I push through it? Probably not. But now I want you to push love into that situation. And then see if you can go through that. No matter what you do, fear will always feel heavy around you.

And you can push fear out of the way.


Get into your heart center. Take a few deep breaths and let that good feeling come into your heart, the whole chest. And then imagine pushing it out to everything in your day. And let's see how your days change. Let's see if your world's a little bit brighter, a little bit happier, a little bit better place to be.


Expose yourself. Allow this stuff to expand and push out.

You're going to be pleasantly surprised.

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