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How Does the Concept of "Everything Is Energy" Impact Our Daily Lives?



Understanding the universe's life will help you understand the life of the universe within you. It allows you to enjoy the process rather than endure it. There is a natural rhythm to life, and everything moves to that rhythm.


In ninth-grade science, one of the first things you learn about is molecules. You know about the size of the molecule, how fast it moves, and the space between atoms that form the molecule. You find out that air and the table are similar, except for the size of the molecules and how fast they're moving. Yes, atoms are added to each, but I'm sure you understand. It's mind-blowing when you get that information.


"They further go on to talk about the Big Bang Theory. Science explains the Earth, the planets around us, and the solar system. We always leave it at that, but we're doing an injustice. As science progresses and learns more, it begins to prove that there is something greater than the basic atom.”


When we don't talk about the spiritual aspect, we leave a gap in the creation of the planet and the human race, causing an imbalance in knowledge and unanswered questions. This, in turn, leaves a population needing to learn how to further grow as individuals. Yes, based on science, we evolve. We were once apes, and over thousands of years, we have stood upright, shed hair, and gained intelligence. But is that all there is? What is the next step? Do we need to wait a few more thousand years to see the progression of humans? Or can we begin now?


When discussing this topic, it's essential to consider the end of life to gain a deeper understanding. Scientific research has explored what occurs when the body dies. Researchers have discovered that at the moment of death, the body's weight decreases by 21 grams. While science has not definitively proven the existence of a soul, it has not ruled it out either. With this in mind, let’s move into the subject of energy.


I started with the idea that "Everything is Energy" and provided some facts to demonstrate how science has become involved in understanding energy and our existence. These are undeniable truths. But what if, along with the scientific understanding, you discovered that you are an energy within your body? What if this energy is the trustworthy source of your body's energy, and your body is simply a vessel for transporting that energy?


As an energetic being, you can think beyond your limitations. By doing so, you can see life as something you have the power to shape and create. In this way, everything you desire can become attainable.


Knowing everything is energy and that you are made up of that energy helps to understand how life works. In a shorter way of saying it, it is a manifestation to create something or turn something from an idea into a reality. Yes, I can hear you now: “I have tried it, and it doesn’t work.” But have you understood the basics of how to make it work?


"Since we inhabit a physical body, the things we create usually take time to materialize. It would be convenient to think of something and immediately see it before us, but that's rarely the case. The process takes time, causing us to reconsider our desires. Each change prolongs the waiting period.” When you figure out what you want, put the thought out and then go about your day.


We should also consider how we ask for things. Let me explain. If I request $1000 but specify that I want it to come from my mom, then the universe has to orchestrate my mom receiving the $1000, thinking about me and deciding to give it to me. In that scenario, it could take a long time for me to receive the money. However, if I express gratitude for receiving $1000, the universe can bring it to me in any way possible. If necessary, it may come in smaller increments, such as $20. Don't limit how the universe can help you.


Another way of working with energy is lucky numbers. You have put a lifetime of thought and energy into a number. You are giving that number all the good you wanted to give it. That is an incredible amount of energy to place into something. When you have put that much energy into something, it undoubtedly becomes lucky. You have created something larger than yourself.


And it's the same premise. If you can believe that a number is lucky because you put tons of intention into it, can't you believe in yourself that you can do whatever your heart desires? Can't you think that you can create a world where you find peace and happiness?


We often limit our beliefs about what we can achieve by looking at our parents or grandparents and thinking, "They never went any further, so this is the only life I've known, and I just got dealt the wrong cards." None of that is true. When you were born, you had everything you needed to start the life you wanted and acquire the skills from the very beginning. What you do with your beginning is what shapes your life.


When we are children, we believe that we can do anything. We dream of becoming a doctor, a vet, or anything else we want. As we grow up, however, societal influences and education erode that belief. Learning about the scientific explanations for the world can make us lose our sense of wonder and belief in ourselves.


How do we get the magic back? Believe in you. Make statements to yourself,

I am going to create my world. I'm going to create the best I can for myself. Be ready for change. When you begin to believe in yourself and the life you can create, you will change the very fibers of you, and your life will change with it.


"Start your day tomorrow by dreaming of the reality you want. In the evening, look at the stars you used to admire as a child and realize that whatever you want to do in this world, nothing can stop you but yourself. There's always a way to make things happen. Make those small choices for yourself because each small choice will impact your world."


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