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New Year, New Month, New Day

Updated: Jun 13

Happy 2024, and to a fantastic year ahead

So often, we spend the last weeks or months of a year thinking about who

we are and all the things we would like to change about ourselves. We think

of all the countless ways how to do that and then set intentions and

resolutions to make that happen in the new year.

Have you ever followed through with those? These aren't words to

enlighten or inspire you to make changes about yourself or even create

resolutions. This may end up disappointing you later because you couldn't

see anything wrong with you initially.

When we send intentions and resolutions to change who we are. It gives us

a message that we don't like ourselves and that we don't feel good about

ourselves, and that we want to change ourselves or that we are not enough.

All this is for the betterment of what we think we need to be, usually based

on society's way of looking.

Now, this doesn't mean that we will see ourselves as denying our

faults. Trust me, we all have those. I have plenty myself. And it doesn't

imply that we don't want to change those things; it means we will

To be able to evolve from that place, we need to start to enjoy ourselves in

that place. I know this makes no sense based on what our parents taught us

or what society teaches, but how do you evolve to something

more significant if you don't understand something lesser? I don't know who I want

to be tomorrow if I don't experience myself today and enjoy the place where

I am.

Let's look at this in a different way using the term manifestation. This is a

term that has been confusing people for many years. It comes from a place

of need. Unfortunately, when we use that word, we're stating to ourselves

that we need something and want something, and we are perpetually

always making ourselves more of that need and desire. We're never entirely

giving ourselves what we're trying to get. Through evolution,

though, we can change our thought process, and

How we do this is to tell ourselves that we have enough, that we are

enough. We don't have anything that we need to change. We don't have to

create a bigger picture of what we should be. Instead,

you'll sit where you are and think to yourself, I am

enough; you're going look inward and say I have enough. This is in itself

going to change your way of looking at things that you're changing your

Way of looking at yourself. It's also going to start to create a future, allowing

yourself to accept things around you to come to you.

And I know this sounds wild, but can you sit there and say to

yourself, "Oh my gosh, I have everything I need," and have it magically

appear? Yeah, you can. Now, is it just going to happen overnight? No, it won't

come to you regularly. For example, shortly after I started to use this

technique, I had not a dime in the bank and no money to speak of, and yet I still

had Christmas around the corner. And I thought to myself, I had all the

money I needed; I had money coming to me in ways I wouldn't expect. Through

the mail, Venmo, and PayPal. I am willing to accept it coming to me. Within

a few hours, I had a notification of a Venmo transaction as a Christmas gift

and then a PayPal for a Christmas reading. When I opened the mailbox, a

check from past work I had done that I had never expected to receive. I was

utterly blown away. When I realized everything I had said had come to

fruition, I decided to try it again. I chose to use a bigger platform for New

Year's resolution. Yes, I know I've talked about it, and it's not something I

genuinely believe in, but I want to do it from a different point of view. I told myself I was enough; I had everything I needed to be who I wanted

this coming year. In 2024, I like to evolve into a healthier person

who lives more consciously. And I was in total shock when Christmas

morning came, and my gifts were Certificates to take care of myself. Things

to help me include massages, personal care, and even a whole series of

courses I've wanted to assist me with a conscious way of thinking. It made

me sit and think of how thinking I was enough was the most significant

transformation I made to allow more to come to me.

These are just small examples of things that you can do. I want you to start

thinking about what you would like your life to look like. Does that mean

more money, a different job, or relationships? What is it that you want to

happen in your life? And then start to look at yourself as if you already have

it. I know that isn't easy to do. It's hard to put our future into the

present tense, but it's genuinely how we open those floodgates for things to

come to us.

Now, the next step to this, yes, there's another step, is to say to yourself that

you are worthy. So often, we are taught to believe that we have to work 40,

50, or 60 hrs. a week to achieve success. We are trained to

jump through hoops and over hurdles to make things happen. We're not

taught to believe that checks can randomly show in the mail or that new job

offers just come because we're the right person. We're taught

that we have to do something to get something. But this isn't the case.

Our souls didn't sign up for that, and we decided to come here. We signed

up for life to have experiences to live to love, and none of that stated that

We had to do something to get something in return. I trust you were born

knowing that if we want something, all we have to do is let ourselves have it.

In the New Year, look to an easier way of being, see yourself as you want

yourself to be, know you are worthy of it, and open the doors for it to come

. This year, start living your life.



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