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Unraveling the Mystery of the Soul: Exploring its Essence and Nature

The soul, what exactly is it?


The question of what "it" honestly is has been asked repeatedly throughout history, yet little understanding has been gained. Despite numerous books, speeches, and discussions, the answer still needs to be discovered. Even you have talked about it in the past. Shall we delve into the topic today?


I have an analogy that I speak about. I talk about the rusty old car you drove as a young adult, barely having a license. That car barely had gas and shook slightly while going down the road. You always knew that one day it was a brand new sparkly toy, and by the end of its lifetime, it would be the lobby on the side of the road. It’s just a matter of when it gets to that point. When the car does get to that point, we merely get out, shut the door behind us, and look for a new car. A vehicle that has a lot less miles on it. Our body is the same as that old car. Once the body has gone through its lifetime and gathered its scars and wrinkles, it stops working. And our soul does it. Exit it, exit it. The soul doesn’t die. It just continues.



It is our understanding and always has been, that once a soul passes on to the next existence, they are not able to communicate with the soul anymore. But this truly isn’t the case. Like myself, many people called mediums know that life continues even though the body no longer exists. Not only can a medium do this, but everyone can. It’s a matter of first believing that the soul exists and that life continues after the body transitions.


I’m getting ahead of myself; I want to return to the soul. The soul in Itself is energy. We learn about energy in ninth-grade science, molecules, atoms, their size, how fast they move, and how they integrate with other molecules and atoms. The soul is just that. It’s energy. It’s not as dense as the body. It’s less dense than air. It doesn’t have a form. This doesn’t mean the soul cannot take form at any given time. It just chooses not to, and it doesn’t have a reason to carry the heaviness of a form.


The soul can move without restrictions, something you may have seen on a sci-fi show. We’ve all fantasized about being able to be in any place at any given time, just with our thoughts. This is something that the soul does have.


Now, the soul is something that genuinely knows just love. When it’s in the afterlife, there are positives and no negatives. Everything, indeed, is just free of conflict in any way. And unconditional love is what exists. But that’s why the soul needs to have a body. From time to time, the soul wants to learn something other than unconditional love. He wants to gain wisdom. Doing this requires being born into a body and having experiences. I know this seems to be a lot more information than maybe you were seeking. But, to me, understanding how this works helps us to understand a much larger picture.


Most of us would think that is” because the soul only knows unconditional love; why is it that when it’s in the body, it does not show that same knowledge? This becomes an encompass to the body and the mind. That inner voice inside of you that says don’t do this or do this. It helps to give direction, and it helps to assist us in our day-to-day life. Unfortunately, not all of us pay attention to that little voice. Instead, we go off on tangents, taking what we know right from wrong or better than what the soul does. Or maybe we don’t even understand that there is a soul or a higher way of life.


Some of us also asked, what about those people who seem to be very violent or act without any consciousness? Do they have a soul? There are many theories on this. But yes, they do have a soul. One theory is that those individuals have lost all connection with their soul, not that their soul does not still reside with the body, but that the body does not have a spiritual connection to the soul and, therefore, does not have the encompass coming from that loving place. Another theory is that all things happen for a reason. Maybe one act of negativity will occur for another person’s growth. In this case, she will hear why this is happening to me: everything around me is happening for my well-being. Whether you subscribe to either theory truly is irrelevant. In time, humanity will read itself to the negative thoughts and behaviors surrounding us - consciousness. We reach that point because of our connection with the soul in the future.


How do we get to the point of less negativity in a person’s life? As much as I would love to see this happen naturally over time, we have all seen how history has been created and how we have never reached that point, although I believe that the generations coming in will help guide us there.


First, we have to understand that the soul does reincarnate. Once done with one lifetime, it returns to the afterlife and goes through real life. Review processes what it understands to be the new wisdom and has gained. That takes some time, and it comes back into the body again in a new generation. It goes through the process all over again to gain wisdom. As it continues through life cycles, each time gaining more knowledge than the last, it's opening up a new thought process. Some have heard It as an awakening, with each life gaining closer to our soul wisdom.


So, how do we find our soul? Simple things such as breath work help us concentrate on our breath and not the multiple things in our minds. So often, we constantly think about everything we need to do instead of paying attention to the simplest things, such as our breathing.


Meditation is another fantastic tool. Sitting in quiet learning to quiet the mind allows it to open all things outside itself. While in meditation, you can open up the mind, allowing the soul to speak. After meditation is mastered, you will be able to find yourself able to access your soul on a much more manageable level in an awakened state.


Shadowwork is the process by which one can go in and look at one’s demons. Those inner issues prevent a person from experiencing and living a life of joy. This process seems very simple, but it can take years.


Another less-known way is dream work. So often, I hear people say that they don’t dream or don’t remember their dreams. However, each person can get to the point of understanding that our soul does a lot of work in the dream world. Learning to remember your dreams is the first step in this. I would suggest keeping a pad of paper in a pen next to your bed. When you wake, you have a small mouth that you do remember. In time, you will learn to remember your dreams.


These are just a few different suggestions for connecting to your soul. You can google a vast number of other ways to do this. I suggest you do this, although I will warn you that as you progress on this journey of finding your soul and connecting to it, your life will fasten, and we will enjoy the trip.






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